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别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) 通过提供多方面的计划来支持新企业家,解决了贫困是多方面的这一事实。他们采用以团队为基础的方法,将不同的技能集合在一起,分散风险,建立社会资本,并产生成本效益。由于创业可能有风险并且需要时间才能获得回报,因此该计划提供赠款而非贷款,以帮助弱势群体立即提高他们的生活水平。

Three 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) tailors


别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) 使用为期一年的毕业计划帮助人们摆脱贫困陷阱.该计划为三名创业者组成的小组提供商业培训和 180 美元的资助,以帮助他们创业。 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) 的目标人群是之前没有商业经验、每天的生活费低于 1.90 美元并且无法满足家庭基本需求的个人。每个企业都被分配了一名当地导师,并被组织成一个由 30 名企业家组成的企业储蓄小组,以提供储蓄。

Multiple studies show that cash grants combined with business training lead to significant increases in household income, and that these benefits persist over a number of years.
Three 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) entrepreneurs

Multiple studies show that cash grants combined with business training lead to significant increases in household income, and that these benefits persist over a number of years. [1] Researchers, including 扶贫行动创新 (IPA), have conducted a randomized controlled trial studying the efficacy of 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻)’s work. The study found that the microenterprise graduation program leads to increased consumption, assets, and income, as well as improvements in nutrition and subjective well-being. [2] [3]

In late 2017, 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) launched the first ever development impact bond (DIB) for poverty alleviation in Africa. The US $5.32M DIB will transform the lives of 12,000+ households in rural Kenya and Uganda by creating 4,000+ sustainable microenterprises in under four year. It will also demonstrate how to ensure impact at scale as similar Graduation models are being replicated in other countries. [4]



别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) 每家企业的成本为 800 美元,并提高了大约 20 人的生活水平——这意味着他们的计划以每人 40 美元的价格改变了生活。

Rigorous monitoring


A scalable model

In 2016, 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) launched 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) Extend to provide technical assistance to NGOs and government partners interested in replicating their model in other African countries. [5]

Evidence-backed impact

Nine randomized controlled trials on similar programs support the effectiveness of cash grants combined with business training. ImpactMatters estimates a return of US$1.60 of lifetime household income for every US$1 spent. [6] [*]

Continuous program improvement

自 2017 年以来,别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) 根据试点测试的证据(例如培训程序的变化)对其计划进行了六次迭代。此外,每年都会对员工提交的想法进行研究和测试,并将最成功的想法整合到现有计划中。


别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) has been thoroughly assessed and evaluated by ImpactMatters, and was among the first non-profits to have an Impact Audit carried out on its programs. This audit concluded that there is strong evidence that 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) is reaching its target population, has outstanding monitoring systems, and has a strong record of iterating its program based on high-quality data. [7] [*]

The randomized controlled trial that 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) designed, funded, and conducted in partnership with IPA also provided evidence of impact. 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) pre-registered this randomized trial and has published its previous research on its website. [8]


别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) 被评为 2019 年德鲁克十大决赛入围者之一,该奖项旨在表彰从事杰出创新的非营利组织。 Founders Pledge 是一家慈善机构,公司创始人和投资者通过该慈善机构承诺将其个人收益的一定比例捐赠给慈善机构,该慈善机构也认可 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) 为女性赋权的顶级慈善机构。

别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) 被选为有史以来第一个贫困 DIB由备受尊敬的资助者和国际发展专家组成的财团,包括美国国际开发署发展创新风险投资公司 (DIV) 和英国国际开发署 (DFID),在撒哈拉以南非洲地区实施的缓解措施。





Livestock and agricultural investments can be subject to shocks to weather or market prices. To help alleviate these risks, 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) has introduced the Smarter Market Analysis Risk Tool (SMART), a mobile technology tool that provides farmers with up-to-date market information to allow them to make informed business decisions. [9]

别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) 正在投入新的捐款,以加强快速扩大规模的基础和实施其五年战略计划。他们遵循 2015 年底在贝恩公司的建议下采用的双管齐下的增长战略:

  1. 继续在肯尼亚和乌干达有机扩张,目标是将乡村企业直接开办的企业数量每年至少增加 15%

  2. 通过 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) Extend 向其他非政府组织和政府提供技术援助,在非洲其他国家扩大规模。 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) 预计 Extend 最终将在财务上实现自给自足,因为它将通过许可 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) 模式和向其他实体提供技术援助来赚取收入。


We recommend 别错过!bob综合体育官(2023趋势新闻) because ​​they received a high score on an “Impact Audit” conducted made by  ImpactMatters, one of the charity evaluators we have historically used to inform our recommendations. Impact Matters has subsequently been acquired by Charity Navigator and no longer uses the “Impact Audit” model.

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