Living Goods community health worker speaking to mother and child


每天有超过 7,500 名儿童死于通过适当护理很容易治疗的疾病——包括腹泻。

Donations to effective charities help provide life-saving interventions, from educational radio spots for new parents by Development Media International to Living Goods' training programs for door-to-door health promoters.


Mother in red sari holding her baby in front of an Against Malaria Foundation bednet

想象一下,每天晚上当你入睡时,你躺在床上害怕你的孩子被蚊子叮咬携带疟疾而死。您知道 2 美元的经过杀虫剂处理的蚊帐可以让您的孩子安全使用三年——但您所在的社区没有蚊帐。你是做什么的?

疟疾每年夺去大约 260,000 名儿童的生命。它是孕妇的最大单一杀手。这些死亡是 100% 可以预防的。

Malaria is the second most common cause of infectious disease-related death in the world. [1] Supporting highly effective infectious disease charities like Against Malaria Foundation and Malaria Consortium will help close the funding gap bringing resources to regions like sub-Saharan Africa, where about 90% of children who die from malaria live. [2]

PSI Smart Start family planner with young couple in Ethiopia


发展中国家有 2.14 亿妇女和女孩世界上想要避孕但无法获得或负担不起的人。

That means 43% of pregnancies in those regions are unintended. [3] Women’s health charities like Living Goods, Population Services International, and Possible deliver family planning information and services for little or no cost. They help women achieve the futures they want.


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