Some good news: According to the 2015 UN Millennium Development Goals report, women and girls have access to more education, economic opportunities, and political power than ever before in human history [1]. But they still bear the impact of extreme poverty.

Smiling woman in patterned head wrap hugging baby


Nearly 99% of maternal deaths occur in developing countries. [2]

Supporting effective women’s charities like Living Goods and Population Services International mean women have broader access to both prenatal care and contraception and family planning resources. This is a boon for both mother and child: every additional year of education for women of reproductive age decreases child mortality by 9.5%. [3]

Fistula Foundation worker laughing with patient in Kenya



Obstetric fistulas are easy to repair and relatively cheap: about $450. Donations to effective organizations like Fistula Foundation help women gain access to the surgeries they need.

Three Village Enterprise tailors with a sewing machine and fabric

如果我们立即向全球经济注入 17 万亿美元,您认为可能发生什么?

That’s the estimated cost of excluding women from the workforce [4] and one of the reasons organizations like Village Enterprise fight for more women entrepreneurs. 

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